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Welcome to, Renew magazine's future web portal for the addiction recovery community!

Let us start out by saying that we're as sick and tired as you are of trying to find quality, helpful information about recovery on the web. And the number of unfocused recovery sites out there has not helped matters.

We want to be able to connect with others in our area, to find meetings or workshops or health practitioners within walking distance.

We want a website that allows us to weigh in on important topics, build supportive online communities, search for cutting-edge information, or simply find the best darned cup of coffee in town.

So rather than keep searching and keep whining (the self pity thing is so not us), we're building a website that does all that.

Treatment Centers & Addiction Professionals

Renew Media, LLC offers a Priority Partners Program you'll want to join! The Renew Priority Partners Program is an excellent opportunity to provide your patients with a powerful aftercare tool, and a great way for you or your facility to raise funds for needed programs.

You'll receive free issues of Renew magazine to offer each of your patients, and subscription forms to sign them up for one year of Renew at our lowest subscriber rate. You'll bill your patients and keep half of all revenues you collect!

Renew will reinforce your treatment program with informative and inspirational editorial delivered right your patients' doors! It's an incredible resource to help those in recovery transition to, and embrace, a lifestyle of sobriety. Partner with Renew today, and join our ever-expanding network of support.

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